Table of Contents

Table of Contents

I. Editorial Staff

II. Letter from the Editor

III. Preface

IV. Contributor Biographies

V. Articles

1. “Freudian Psychoanalysis: Truth, Self-knowledge and Psychological Development”— Johan Eriksson, PhD

2. “Gender Urinary Segregation and Political Correctness”— Michel Valentin, PhD

3. “Violence, Creativity, and the Unconscious of Nature”—Robert S. Corrington, PhD

4. “The House of Desolation’ Felt Existential Psychoanalytic Approaches to Dasein-icid”– Loray Daws, PhD

5. “Primacy of the Individual as the Bearer of Moral Law: The Psychoanalysis of Otto Rank and Kantian Ethics”—Julio Roberto Costa, MS

6. “A Perspective on the Evolution of Psychoanalysis”Gary Kolb, PhD

7. “Adorno and the Problem of Systematicity”Daniel Green, PhD Candidate

VI. Guidelines for Submission

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