Author Bios

Johan Ericksson, PhD

Johan Eriksson is a psychoanalyst and psychotherapist in private practice in Stockholm, Sweden. He also has a Phd in philosophy and has published widely on phenomenology and psychoanalysis. Member of the International Psychoanalytic Association (IPA).

Michel Valentin, PhD

Michel Valentin is teaching French literature and textual/critical/ postmodern theory at the University of Montana (Missoula). Valentin teaches and applies Lacanian theory to the unravelling of any textual surface (graphic, written, filmic…). He also uses theory to enhance the socio-cultural critique of our contemporaneity and publishes in his area of expertise. He is a long-time EPIS member.

Robert S. Corrington, PhD

Robert S. Corrington is the Henry Anson Buttz Professor of Philosophical Theology in the Graduate Division of Religion at Drew University. He created the school of ecstatic naturalism. He is the author of twelve books and around eighty articles. His next book project has the working title of, “Spirit’s Travail.”

Loray Daws, PhD

Loray is a Registered Clinical Psychologist with the Health Professions Counsel of South Africa and a Registered Psychologist with the College of Psychologists of

British Columbia, Canada. Loray serves as assistant editor for the Global Journal of Health Sciences, evaluator and international advisory board member of the International Journal of Psychotherapy (IJP), assistant editor and psychoanalytic candidate at EPIS (Existential Psychoanalytic Institute and Society). Loray supervises and teaches in South Africa, Canada, the United States, Australia and Turkey as faculty member of the International Masterson Institute.

Julio Roberto Costa, M. S.

Sociologist (M. S.), University of Brasilia, Brazil. As a graduate, studied Social Constructionism and relations between Cultural Studies and Psychoanalysis.

Worked as a professor in many universities in Brazil. For 15 years, conducted field research on rural low-income communities, developing integrated actions with diversified social actors, such as farmer’s associations, local governments, unions, NGOs and social movements. Conducted in-depth studies of the work of Otto Rank, whose books he became acquainted with still as an undergraduate student.

Gary Kolb, PhD

I am a therapist and have worked full- time at Harbor Crest Behavioral Health hospital inpatient treatment center for chemical dependency for 15 years. I have both a PhD and a Psy.D. and have  a private psychotherapy practice. I am also a psychoanalytic candidate at the Existential Psychoanalytic Institute and Society. I have been married for 43 years to the same woman, raised 8 adopted children, and re-assemble old car parts in my spare time.

Daniel Green, PhD Candidate

Daniel Green is a PhD student in Philosophy at University of California, Riverside. His research interests include 19th and 20th Century Continental Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, and Critical Theory. He maintains a daily meditation and yoga p