I. Dedication     We dedicate this issue of the Presencing EPIS  Journal to Father David A. Boileau, Ph.D., whose life and work continues to positively influence the course and direction of this Institute and its publications. For David A. Boileau

“Poetic & Philosophical Interlude”

From The Blue Pearl by Kevin Boileau, Ph.D., J.D.



When it stopped making sense

I let go of my desire and opted


For virtue and truth

Pushing away the noise

That pulls.

Fragmented slivers of perception

One after the other

Continue pushing each other


So that vision of the Whole,


Thus, I am at once both lost and

liberated; looking for signposts

Along the way


Always seem heralded by the blue


The dark penumbra of the walking

park remains forever etched in my

Consciousness.  Unsure that I will

ever return to the shadows there,

I strain to recall her face


Mother Death.  Sweet and bitter,

Soft and genuine.

Always with me speaking the

Words; there is more; there is more.

Do not be enchanted into egology.

Abjection rules.

And all the while the tall, large frame

of admonition walks alongside.


The royalist inside falters as the

Governorship wanes.

Lost.  Eroded.  “Couragio!”