Table of Contents

Table of Contents

I. Editorial Staff

II. Letter from the Editor

III. Contributor Biographies

IV. Articles

1. “Fundamentals of Taxonomy: The Rise of the DSM as a Medical Hortus Siccus and the Need for a Soul in Mental Health”— Loray Daws, PhD

2. “From Image to Imago: Reflections on Phenomenology, Psychological Depth, and the Unconscious’”— Vic Schermer, PhD

3. “Having and Being: A Thomistic Critique of Private Property as an Absolute Right”—Daniel Bradley, PhD

4. “Revolutionary Technologies: Praxical Time as a Way of Overcoming Reification”— Róisín Lally, PhD

5. “The Terror of Annihilation: A Phenomenology of Shame”—Andrew Nutt, MA

6. “Why do ‘they’ hate us so?”—Michel Valentin, PhD

7. “Adorno’s Critical Theory and Psychoanalysis: The Dialectical Subject”—Julian von Will, PhD

8. “The Weight of Philosophy in Otto Rank’s Psychoanalysis”—Julio R. Costa, MS

9. “Artificial Intelligence and the Concept of the Self”—Gary L. Kolb, PhD

10. “On My Antecedents”—Ellie Ragland, PhD

V. Guidelines for Submission

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