Amnesia – George Snedeker


 I awoke at 3 AM

from a bad dream.

I was a prisoner in a mental hospital.

I could go from floor to floor,

but could not escape.

When I awoke

I was in a state of amnesia.

My mind would barely function.

I knew I was in my bedroom,

but little more than this.

I felt my way around the room

in the dark.

I knew my name,

but not who I was.

I could remember things,

but not what they meant.

I thought for sure

I was losing my mind.

Nothing had any meaning for me.

I thought that if I called someone

and heard a familiar voice

I would remember who I was.

but it was the middle of the night.

and there was no one I could call.

 By George Snedeker, Ph.D.