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  4. Articles
    • “Autochthony versus the Dual World-View of Alterity (Otherness) – possible implications for mental health practice and the mental health client as reluctant philosopher”
      —Loray Daws, PhD
    • “Death and the Unconscious: A Reconsideration of Freud’s ‘Beyond the Pleasure Principle'”
      —Vic Schermer PhD
    • “Postmodern capitalism and fundamental terrorism or the death drive in over-drive: a Lacanian Interpretation”
      —Michel Valentin, PhD
    • “The Phenomenology of Fetishism in ‘Objectum Sexualis‘”
      —Sunayana Baruah
    • “The Western Adaption of Eastern Spirituality: Fetishism, Global Capitalism, and the Problem of Free Will”
      — Brenna Gradus
    • “Criticism and Healing: A Study of Human Agency”
      —Steve Goldman, PhD
    • “The Importance of Metaphysics for Ordinal Psychoanalysis”
      —Robert Corrington, PhD
    • “Changes in Relationships and the Perception of Self Through Technology”
      —Gary Kolb, PhD
    • “Toward a Mutually Informing Relational Psychoanalysis and Epistemology: A Phenomenology of Intersubjectivity”
      —Andrew Nutt, PhD
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