Table of Contents

Presencing EPIS

Volume 1

Table of Contents

I. Dedication Page:

“Poetic & Philosophical Interlude”

From The Blue Pearl by Kevin Boileau, Ph.D., J.D.

II. Letter from the Editor

III. Articles:

1. Husserl’s Psychological Phenomenology: Inverting the Transcendental

Julian Von Will, Ph.D.

2. The Psychology of World Views: Jaspers / Heidegger

Steven Goldman, Ph.D.

3. What is Spirituality?

Richard Curtis, Ph.D.

4. Expanding the Concept of Internal Object Relations: An Introduction to the Concept

of Experiential Horizons

Alberto Varona, Psy.D.

5. Culture, Alienation, and Social Theory

George Snedeker, Ph.D.

6. Philosophers, Cynics, Dervishes: An Inquiry

Peter Wright, N.D.

IV. Poetry:

1. Last Slope

George T. Boileau, S. J.

2. Prescience

Nazarita Goldhammer

V. Art:

1. Despair

Elizabeth Moga, M.F.A.

2. Self

Elizabeth Moga, M.F.A.

VI. Contributors

VII. Current Events

VIII. Back Page